Ligue 1 Live Streams

The 2020-21 Ligue 1 title race looks promising than in the past few years. The reigning champion, Paris Saint Germain is tied with Lille OSC at 63 points. And both have eight more games to play this season. Frankly, Ligue 1 live streams could offer some good soccer action this term.

If are new to soccer streams, here’s what you need to know. First thing first, you can follow soccer streams live on TV and mobile screens. Both ways, you will have to spend a good sum of money.

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How can I follow Ligue 1 live streams?

Viewers from different parts of the world can follow the live games of Ligue 1. We have different options to follow the league and European fixtures of Ligue 1 sides. In this section, we will discuss league belonging.

Still, if you need to know some details on European live streaming, here’s what you need o know. To catch up with Ligue 1 streams, you have TV streams and online streams. Both TV and online streams offer HD soccer streaming.

This top French soccer league airs live in over 110 countries. Viewers from various parts of the world can enjoy live fixtures of this league. There are a number of TV broadcasters of Ligue 1. If you live in France, you have Canal+ and Telefoot to follow the league fixtures.

TV channels to watch Paris Saint Germain live streams?

Soccer fans can enjoy Paris Saint Germain live streams both on TV and mobile screens. There are plenty of streaming options for soccer fans to enjoy Paris Saint Germain live fixtures. In the past, we only had TV as our option to enjoy soccer streams.

You can enjoy PSG live streams on smart TVs

Today, we have several. You can follow HD streams of Ligue 1 soccer on smart TVs, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Fire TV, Android, iOS, and other Audio and Video devices. And viewers can use streaming platforms like FuboTV, Sling TV to watch Ligue 1 games.

Cable TV subscribers of Ligue 1 broadcasters can watch PSG matches on TV. If you haven’t subscribed to any cable TV provider of the league, you can opt for online streaming. You have to spend some money.

Options to watch AS Monaco online streams

Viewers from the United States have plenty of options to enjoy AS Monaco streams online. You guys choose from fuboTV, Sling TV, TV5 Monde Etats Unis, beIN Sports Connect, and IGOL. All these are paid streaming services.

Sling TV is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the US. It will cost you $30 per month. Meanwhile, fuboTV will cost you $45 per month.

To enjoy Ligue 1 streams in the United States, you can subscribe to beIN Sports. This sports-oriented cable TV channel has rights to TV streams of League 1. So, if you live in the US, you can use beIN Sports. beIN Sports Connect offers online streams of the league.

You can subscribe to beIN Sports Connect for a fee of $19.99 per month. Its annual package will cost you a reasonable fee of $179.99.

Stream Ligue 1 fixtures in the UK

Soccer fans from the UK can enjoy France Ligue 1 fixtures on TV and on mobile screens. Just like fans living in the US, British soccer fans have a number of streaming devices to watch Ligue 1 fixtures. Of course, it will cost you a good sum of money.

In the United Kingdom, BT Sport has streaming rights to Ligue 1. So, if you wish to follow the traditional cable TV option to watch Ligue 1 fixtures, you can use a BT Sport subscription. You can subscribe to the BT Sport channel for £29.99 per month.

You can follow Ligue 1 streams on BT Sport in the UK

Meanwhile, if you look to follow Ligue 1 games online on mobile phones/tablets, you can use the BT Sport app. If you don’t have a BT Sports cable subscription, already, you can opt for the BT Sport app.

Watch Lille OSC streams in Canada

Viewers living in Canada can enjoy Lille OSC league fixtures both on TV and mobile. Canadian viewers can follow TV streams of Ligue 1 on beIN Sports. So, if you are a beIN Sports user, you can enjoy league fixtures of Lille on TV.

beIN Sports will not offer live streams of Ligue 1 teams playing in European competitions. To enjoy live fixtures of European matches in Canada, you need a DAZN subscription. DAZN is a popular streaming platform. You can subscribe to DAZN for $9.99 per month.

TV channels to watch Ligue 1 streams

Ligue 1 has several cable TV broadcast partners for the 2020-21 season. Viewers from France can enjoy league fixtures of Ligue 1 on Telefoot and Canal+.

Telefoot broadcasts 8 league matches each week in France. While Canal+ has the right to broadcast 2 league matches every week. So, if you live in France, you have to subscribe to both Telefoot and Canal+ to watch all league games of Ligue 1 on TV.

If you live in Canada, you can enjoy League 1 fixtures on TV with a beIN Sports subscription. Here is the list of some TV broadcast partners of Ligue 1 for this season.

Mexico/ Central America
United States
beIN Sports
Viasat Sport
Eleven Sports
New Zealand
beIN Sports
Central Asia
Setanta Sports